Handed Down The Wire

Greg Lisher

1. By the Wayside 3:33 (MP3 available)

2. Fascination 3:34 (MP3 available)

3. For Yourself 3:12 (MP3 available)

4. Reflection 4:30

5. Feeling Cheap 3:59

6. Prey on the Doorstep 4:06

7. Factory 4:17

8. I'm Sure You Would Understand 2:45 (MP3 available)

9. Open Your Eyes 3:58

all songs written by Mr. Greg Lisher

2000 Bumps of Goose

NEW: "For Yourself" Quicktime Video!!!


Greg Lisher on Guitar, Vocals and Keyboards


Victor Krummenacher on Bass

John Nelson on Drums for tracks 1-5

Chris Pedersen on Drums and Percussion for tracks 6-9

and: Don Lax, violin and viola on track 4

Dave Nutley on keyboards on tracks 1-4

Kevin Bransfield, harmonica on track 5

David Immergluck, pedal steel on track 8

Jonathan Segel, violin on tracks 8 and 9

Tracks 1-5 were produced by Michael Haumesser, Greg Lisher and Chris Pedersen, recorded and mixed at Not Noise Studios, Santa Cruz, CA 1995-1997

Tracks 6-9 produced by Chris Pedersen with Edwin DeShazo and Greg Lisher, recorded and mixed at Pyramind Studios, San Francisco, CA 1991

mastered by Noel Gott

album design by Mott Jordan, photography by Kevin Bransfield


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