St. John's Mercy

  1. Tear Stained Road
  2. Nothing Outside
  3. Now That You're Gone
  4. Dreams Die Hard
  5. No Sin To Wandering
  6. Tierra O'Muerte
  7. The Expanse
  8. Thunderhead
  9. Questa Sunset
  10. Raven
  11. Saint John's Mercy
  12. Long Way Home
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Produced by Chris Xefos, Engineered by Greg Freeman

featuring Victor Krummenacher on Voice, Guitar, some Bass and other things, plus Chris Xefos on Bass and Keyboard, Chris Pedersen on Drums, el John on drums, Greg Lisher on Guitar, David Immergluck on Guitar, Bruce Kaphan on Pedal Steel Guitar, Jeff Palmer on Bass, and Jonathan Segel on Mandolin

Recorded at Lowdown in SF, Magnetic Motorworks in SF, Bruce's House in Fremont, and Mobius in SF, april '97-Jaunary '98

all songs © Victor Krummenacher/ Bumps of Goose 1998

"Saint John's Mercy is the second solo release from former Monks of Doom and Camper Van Beethoven bassist Victor Krummenacher. His followup to 1995's acclaimed Out In The Heat, Saint John's Mercy features Krummenacher reuniting with the talents of fellow CVB/Monks alumni Chris Pedersen, David Immergluck, and Greg Lisher, as well as appearances by steel player Bruce Kaphan (David Byrne, American Music Club, Chris Isaak) and Mommyhead bassist Jeff Palmer. The recording was produced by former King Missile keyboardist/bassist Chris Xefos.

Revolving around the title track, Saint John's Mercy features a series of songs written following the demise of Krummenacher's touring band, A Great Laugh. That band was waylaid in 1996 following a disastrous tour during which drummer John Nelson was struck and seriously injured by a car in St. Louis, Mo. He was taken to Saint John's Mercy Medical. The dramatic events of that tour led Victor to take some time off from playing live to focus on writing. The results are a series of songs reflective of Krummenacher's diverse influences. From the opening salvo of the garage-rock-meets-Richard Thompson "Tear Stained Road" to the psychedelic country strains of "Questa Sunset" to the neo-Creedence overtones of "Long Way Home," Krummenacher achieves the envious balance of paying homage to influences without losing his own focus as a songwriter. Intimate, passionate and literate, Victor unleashes a trained poetic eye upon the world, keeping the focus on the song, and providing a smooth, complex enjoyable listen. Not particularly alternative, not country, not roots rock, not punk, Krummenacher's music inhabits the space most writers hope to achieve: it's own."

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