Who is a Great Laugh, you ask?

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The story thus far, for those of you that follow these twists and turns:

Aug 1993- Oct 1994

Fifth Business

(one 7" single made, "Prince of Lies/Robert" Magnetic 1994)

Victor Krummenacher-guitar, vocals

Jonathan Segel -guitar,violin, keyboards, vocals

Jason Fessel-guitar

Joe Byrnes-drums (from Broken Horse)


Jason played with Victor Krummenacher in a band called Clutch Cargo, a kind of jazzy small ensemble, later also with Jonathan Segel

A version of 5th Business recorded "Pushing the Norton" for the "Ace Cafe Benefit for Adam Fisher" CD compilation, on Heyday Records. JES, gtr and vocals, VK upright bass and Joe on drums.

fall of 1994, VK reorganizes and fires his band.

Oct 1994-present

A Great Laugh

(one cd, "Out in the Heat" Magnetic 1995)

Victor Krummenacher -guitar,vocals

Chris Xefos -bass (from King Missile )

John Nelson -drums (from Poi Dog Pondering )

Jason Fessel -guitar

sometime in 1995,

Greg Lisher - guitar is added

the spring 1996 Tour Diary may clue you in as to the comingas and goings of this band. Narrated by Chris Xefos.

interview with Victor

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