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Dent Bio

Dent - Verstärker
MAG0011 - CD
  1. there must be less to life than this 6:08
  2. darkness swallowed 5:58
  3. nothing to believe in 5:06
  4. together again for the first time at last 3:56
  5. foreign coffee memory :32
  6. jaded eyes 2:57
  7. flight of the flight 2:40
  8. the expanse 4:43
  9. following the armadillo 4:08
  10. cause the rain 3:47
  11. tsuki e 3:37
  12. there isn’t any other song 1:02
  13. bangalong 4:52
  14. chopsticks 6:44
  15. emily 4:44
  16. questa sunset 3:23
  17. why we don’t live on the mauretania 1:48

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DENT is a codeword for cd’s of improvisational or experimental recordings by Magnetic and other artists performing under pseudonym who aren’t planning on clueing you in on very much else other than this simple fact. As per usual, buy at your own risk, but we think these are some of the coolest recordings we have to offer. If you’re a daring listener, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Dent’s “Verstärker” is everything it can be and more.

  • recorded at the mudhive in questa NM by:
    MC Salmon and Grandma Wolf (aka lord and lady chatterking)
    Dr. Firebrain
    Still-Standin’-Naked-in Moonlight
    Jane Err
    DJ Earwig
    the Gran Jeff Mommyhead
    Allissong Fate Levity

unbeknownst vocals by Mott’s Killer, the archvillain West
as well as Marilyn, Marcel and James
assembled at the magnetic satellite in geosynchronous orbit above hollywood by jes
art and design by Iodine Ragweed
all songs written by human civilization’s dreams and aspirations, stolen and copyrighted 1998 bumps of goose