Jonathan Segel is a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays guitar, violin, computer, electric bass and sings. He was at one time the Puppet Figurehead of Magnetic, a company run by unseen forces.

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Born in Marseilles, France, grew up in Davis, California (with a year's side trip to Tucson, AZ.), went to college at the University of California at Santa Cruz, studying with Gordon Mumma and Peter Elsea. In Santa Cruz he hooked up with Camper Van Beethoven, apparently for life. He moved up to San Francisco in 1989, moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to work for Dane Davis at Danetracks, a film sound post production facility, then back to Oakland in 2001, where received a Master's Degree in Music Composition at Mills College, studying with Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran, and Joelle Leandre.

While in Santa Cruz, he played with Camper Van Beethoven, Eugene Chadbourne and various other semi-musical projects, while in San Francisco with Sideways, Virginia Dare, Granfaloon Bus, Dieselhed and his own bands Hieronymus Firebrain which dissolved and reformed as Jack and Jill, which later led to various records of rock music under his own name. While in Los Angeles, besides doing shows with Eugene Chadbourne, he played with Clyde Wrenn (as Clyde Wrenn and the Container), with Mike Marrt's Beaumont, occaisonal shows with Mark Goodman's group, Magnet, and spent a great deal of time touring the globe with Mark Linkous' group, Sparklehorse.

Upon return to the Bay Area in 2001, Jonathan has been playing rock shows with his own eponymous band, as well as a reformed and revitalized Camper Van Beethoven. He has made several guitar-centric rock music cds and has performed this music in scattered California shows, including opening slots for such acts as Built To Spill. (He has also sat in with Built To Spill and Yo La Tengo onstage as a violinist!)

A new Camper Van Beethoven studio cd, "New Roman Times", came out in the fall of 2004, and a Greatest Hits package in 2009, both followed by much touring in the United States and Europe, which continues to this day.

In addition to this, leaving Los Angeles and the film and music industries led Jonathan back to the world of improvisation and electronic music, and he has been performing improvised music for instruments and computer around the world for the past few years, including shows in the SF Bay Area, New York, Europe and Japan.

2003 saw the CD release of several improv collaborations with notable artists such as Fred Frith and Joelle Leandre, and with Shoko Hikage, and the first of many electronic music CDs. In 2004, after various shows as both a rock and an improvising duo with Dina Emerson, Chaos Butterfly formed and began recording and touring. Several CDs were produced worldwide, as well as performances in the US and Europe with many collaborators. Chaos Butterfly is now a moniker for Jonathan performing electronic or otherwise avant-garde improv with a host of other potential musicians.

In 2012 Jonathan relocated to Stockholm, Sweden with his family, where he currently resides.

He has also been composing music for the Cid Pearlman/Nesting Dolls Dance Company since 1992, and has composed music for Curt Haworth's Dance Company, Deborah Slater Dance Theater and Maxine Moerman Dance Theater.

Much of this music can be found at

Material Press in Germany are the publishers of Jonathan's Chamber Music scores, available in PDF form.

common name misspellings include: Jonathan Segal, Jonathan Siegel, Johnathan Segel, Jonathon etc. (i mean, Willem Shaxepeere's name wasn't solidified til years later either....) Sometimes, several different spellings in the same article, even! (You can pronounce it as you like. Jonathan's dad Irwin Segel says it rhymes with "bagel", but he's from New York.)

on YouTube, Jonathan's Channel has many performances from Chaos Butterfly and his rock band.

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Jonathan E. Segel Discography

Solo or as Hieronymus Firebrain or Jack & Jill
playing guitar, singing, violin, etc

1988 Jonathan Segel Storytelling
Pitch A Tent Records

1990 track on the Acoustic Music Project benefit for Open Hand cd with David Immergluck
Alias Records

1991 Hieronymus Firebrain Hieronymus Firebrain
Delta Records

1993 Dr. Firebrain's Plane Crash Tape, Vol.1

1994 Hieronymus Firebrain There

1994 Hieronymus Firebrain Here

1994 track on Pushing the Norton -- the Ace Cafe Compilation with Fifth Business
Heyday Records

1995 Jack & Jill Chill and Shrill

1997 Jack & Jill Fancy Birdhouse

2000 Jonathan Segel Scissors and Paper

2003 Jonathan Segel Edgy Not Antsy

2007 Jonathan Segel Honey

2012 Jonathan Segel All Attractions/Apricot Jam

with Camper Van Beethoven
playing violin, guitar, keyboards, singing, etc...

1985 Telephone Free Landslide Victory
Independent Project Records, presently licensed to IRS Records

1986 II & III
Pitch A Tent Records, presently on IRS Records

1986 Camper Van Beethoven
Pitch A Tent Records, presently on IRS Records

1987 Vampire Can Mating Oven
Pitch A Tent Records, presently on IRS Records as Vantiquities with extra tracks

1988 Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
Virgin Records

2000 Camper Van Beethoven is Dead, Long Live Camper Van Beethoven
Pitch-A-Tent Records

2002 Cigarettes and Carrot Juice - The Santa Cruz Years
Pitch-A-Tent Records

2003 Tusk
Pitch-A-Tent Records

2004 New Roman Times
Pitch-A-Tent Records/Vanguard

2008 Popular Songs of Great Enduring Strength and Beauty
Cooking Vinyl

2013 La Costa Perdida
429 Records/Savoy

with Eugene Chadbourne
playing violin, mandolin, slide guitar, keyboards, toys...

1987 Camper Van Chadbourne
Fundamental Records

1988 Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album
Fundamental Records

1991 Eugene Van Beethoven's 69th Sin-Funny
Fundamental Records

1999 Used Record Pile
Knitting Factory Records

1999 Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne
Knitting Factory Records

2001 PsyCHADelidoowop

as Chaos Butterfly

2005 Live at Studio Fabriken, Gothenburg, SE - with Biggi Vinkeloe
Eld Records

2005 threelivingthings

2005 Radio

other electronic/electro-acoustic

2003 Jonathan Segel Non-Linear Accelerator

2005 Rauk

2005 Amnesia/Glass Box

2006 Summerleaf

2007 Underwater Tigers


2003 Fred Frith/Joelle Leandre/Jonathan Segel Tempted to Smile

2003 Jonathan Segel/Shoko Hikage Gen

2006 Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot...
Amanita Records/Rastascan Records

2006 various artists/Jon Raskin + Myles Boisen Music + One
Rastascan Records

2009 Lucio Menegon Sonic Demons
Edgetone Records

2010 Emergency String (X)tet and Rent Romus Emergency Rental
Edgetone Records

2012 T.D. Skatchit & Company Skatch Surveillance
Edgetone Records

other projects:
playing violin, guitar, etc.

1992 A Love Restrained by Granfaloon Bus
Discobolus Records

1994 Dieselhed by Dieselhed
Amarillo Records

also Dieselhed track on Germ's Choice '94 compilation from KUSF, and various 7" singles

1994 track on Come and Get It -- the Hairy Records Compilation with Fifth Business
Hairy Records

1994 Fifth Business 'Prince of Lies/Hey Robert' single
Magnetic/Hairy Records

1995 Dent Stimmung

1997 BaltimorePearlCrescentWhiteAdmiralSisterMeadowPaintedGodWillVisitYou by the Lords of Howling
Discobolus Records

1998 Dent Verstärker

2006 The Way You Shine by The Shimmers
Transit of Venus Records

with John Kruth

1996 Toast by the Electric Chairmen (John Kruth)
Weasel Disc

1999 MoonDog Girl by the Noodle Shop
John Kruth, Elliot Sharp, Atilla Engin and Jonathan Segel
Sparkling Beatnik Records

2008 Splitsville by John Kruth
Smiling Fez Records

with Clyde Wrenn

1998 The Container by the Container
Subliminal Records

1999 Clyde Wrenn 'Long Day's Journey into Night'
Surprise Truck Records

2001 Clyde Wrenn 'The Blue Cliff Record'
Blue Jacket Records

with Big City Orchestra

1998 'Greatest Hits and Test Tones'

2007 'Villanella'

2007 'Musical Box'

2007 'Love Film Greats'

as a hired gun:

1986 Yo 'Once in a Blue Moon'
Deadbeat Records

1987 Frontier Wives 'Rockinghorse Violins'
Petroleum By Products

1987 Spot 1019 'This World Owes me a Buzz'
Pitch a Tent, later on Frontier Records

1987 Young Fresh Fellows 'the Men Who Loved Music'

1988 Walkabouts 'Cataract'
Sub Pop

1991 Overwhelming Colorfast 'Overwhelming Colorfast'

1998 Loud Family 'Days for Days'
Alias Records

1999 Magnet 'Sharkbait'
PC Music

1999 Sparklehorse 'Distorted Ghost' EP

2000 Alison Faith Levy 'My World View'

2000 Victor Krummenacher 'Bittersweet'

2000 Mike Levy 'Fireflies'
Parasol Records

2004 Artichoke Project "Stimoceiver"
Trolleystop Records

2006 ld beghtol and the New Criticism "Tragic Realism"
Darla Records

2007 Mossyrock "I know I'm Not Wrong EP"

2008 Victor Krummenacher "Patriarch's Blues

Film Soundtracks:

1999 The Invisibles, feature directed by Noah Stern
released on video 2001 Vision Box Pictures

2000 Bunny, feature directed by Mia Trachinger

2001 Kickin' Chicken, short directed by Joy Phillips

2001 100% Human Hair, short directed by Ann Kaneko

2002 Love Will Travel, feature directed by Teddi Bennett

2004 Bill's Run, documentary for POV/PBS directed by Richard Kassebaum

To find on iTunes:

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Jonathan Segel: All Attractions/Apricot Jam

Jonathan Segel: Honey

Jonathan Segel: Summerleaf

Jonathan Segel: Underwater Tigers

Jonathan Segel: Edgy Not Antsy

jonathan segel: non-linear accelerator

jonathan segel: Scissors and Paper

Jonathan Segel/Jack & Jill: Fancy Birdhouse

Jonathan Segel/Jack and Jill: Chill and Shrill

Jonathan Segel/Hieronymus Firebrain: Here

Jonathan Segel/Hieronymus Firebrain: There

Shoko Hikage & Jonathan Segel: GEN

Chaos Butterfly + Biggi Vinkeloe: Live at Studio Fabriken

Chaos Butterfly: threelivingthings

Chaos Butterfly: radio

Fred Frith, Joelle Leandre and Jonathan Segel: Tempted to Smile

Shoko Hikage and Jonathan Segel: Gen

or on Emusic!!!:

Jonathan Segel: Scissors and Paper

Jonathan Segel/Jack and Jill: Chill and Shrill

Jonathan Segel/Hieronymus Firebrain: Here

Chaos Butterfly + Biggi Vinkeloe: Live at Studio Fabriken

Chaos Butterfly: threelivingthings