"Hieronymus Firebrain holds the mirror up to nature."

The story of Hieronymus Firebrain thus far:
Jan - May 1989 (one record, "Storytelling" Pitch-A-Tent Records, 1989)

Storytelling Band

Jonathan Segel - guitar, mandolin, vocals, etc.
Victor Krummenacher - bass
Chris Pedersen - drums
David Immergluck - guitar, vocals

did several east and west coast shows in April, 1989

May 89- Aug 89

Exalted Birds
Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals, mandolin
David Immergluck - guitar, vocals
Tom Yoder-trombone
David Shamrock-drums
Sean Kennerly-bass

only San Francisco Bay Area Shows
note: David Shamrock and Sean Kennerly in “501 Spanish Verbs” at this time, Later “Sluggo”

Aug ’89 David Immergluck quits to join Camper Van Beethoven

Aug ’89 - Nov 90

“Hieronymus Firebrain 1”
(one record made, “Hieronymus Firebrain” Delta Records 1991)

Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals, mandolin
Tom Yoder - trombone
David Shamrock - drums
Sean Kennerly - guitar (quits in jan. 90)
Mark Landsman - Bass

many California shows
Mark Landsman plays with “Eskimo”, later also Tom Yoder joins them, presently on Prawnsong records. Shamrock quits in Dec 1990, presently in “Slombis.”

Jan 1991- March 1994

“Hieronymus Firebrain 2”
(2 records made, “There” and “Here” Magnetic 1994)

Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals, etc.
Mark Bartlett - guitar, vocals
Ted Ellison - bass
Russ Blackmar - drums

besides many San Francisco Bay Area shows, this band did ONE national tour in the fall of 1991.
March' 94 Mark Bartlett quits, Ted Ellison quits. Ted presently in Fuck." Mark presently studying Feng-Shui.
1995 “Hieronymus Firebrain” becomes

“Jack and Jill”
(two records, “Chill and Shrill,” Magnetic 1995 and “Fancy Birdhouse” Magnetic 1997 )

Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals
Jane Thompson - bass
Russ Blackmar - drums

1999 “Jack and Jill” disbands to various different cities. Subsequently Jonathan finishes a solo cd with Russ and Jane working on it as well, “Scissors and Paper,” Magnetic 2000.

Hieronymous Firebrain Discography

DENT - Verstarker - CD (MAG 0011) 1998
Plane Crash Tape, Vol. 1 “dig yer own hardy mums” - Cassette (MAG 0004)
Here - CD (MAG 0002)
There - CD (MAG 0001)

Also appears on:

Jack & Jill - Chill and Shrill
Mr Krummenacher’s 5th Business - The Prince of Lies b/w Robert - 7" Single (MAG 0011)